anti-abuse engineering intern, 2023-2024

replit is an ai-powered software development and deployment platform. i interned there from march 2023 to may 2024, shipping various tools and microservices to bolster their anti-abuse systems.

  • from march 2023 to december 2023 i worked with trust & safety to develop novel solutions for scalable automated community moderation and led their community moderation team. i also improved our phishing detection and takedown systems vastly and augmented it to detect inappropriate and malicious content.

  • i developed methods of detecting and blocking credit card fraud via our payment processor and data we collected, stopping thousands of dollars of revenue from being lost to fraud and chargebacks and protecting customers.

  • in january 2023 i helped with the transition to anti-abuse engineering at replit and was a founding member of their anti-abuse engineering team.

  • from january 2023 to may 2023 i built our first scalable actioning system, created metrics for moderation and site abuse, improved our relations with external phishing detection organizations, and worked with legal to protect our brand identity.

westlake academy

teaching assistant, 2022-2024

westlake academy is an ib world school based in westlake, texas known for being one of the top charter schools in the united states. i was a teaching assistant for the ib computer science course from august 2022 to april 2024 and ib history course from august 2023 to april 2024.

in my time as a teaching assistant, i helped develop students skills in computer science and history using my own experiences from the professional world and my passion for teaching. when a subject came up that i was excited about, i would often be given the lesson plans and encouraged to teach the lesson in my style. i worked with small groups of students to grow their knowledge beyond the requirements of the course and i prepared them for careers in the real world. i also developed deep connections with the students and helped them with their personal and life goals.

multiple companies

freelance web developer, 2022-2023

from september 2022 to january 2023, i worked as a freelancer for multiple individuals and companies, building websites and web applications, including internal search tools, farm management software, and project management dashboards. i worked across multiple languages and frameworks, including react, next.js, python, golang, and lua and shipped products from scratch within months.


freelance software engineer, 2022

magicprints is an e-commerce startup that used generative ai to design and sell custom apparel. from october 2022 to december 2022, i was a founding engineer for magicprints, where i built the initial version of the website, including the product builder, shopping cart, and checkout flow, and integrated with print-on-demand services to fulfill orders. i worked with early generative ai models to design the image generation and reiteration pipelines and i created novel user interfaces allowing users to effectively interact with the ai.


freelance web developer, 2022

deel is a payroll and compliance provider for remote teams. in september of 2022, i worked as a freelance web developer for deel, where i built an internal tool that integrated with their elasticsearch instance to provide a search interface for their customer support team. i worked with pure html, css, and javascript on the frontend and express.js on the backend to build a fast and responsive search tool that allowed the team to quickly find relevant search results, which was eventually built into their own site.